Personal Consultation-Remote

We are often contacted in reference to personal consultation needs as associated with privacy and digital security. While we cannot provide services for all situations, we do carefully evaluate each request. We currently offer remote consultation services to help with the following.

Personal information removal from the internet
Revenge-Porn removal from the internet
Alias creation and maintenance
Moving to an "Invisible" home
Setting up "Ghost" addresses
Postal mail collection and forwarding

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Personal Consultation-Live

If you have a more serious issue that needs an in-person meeting, Michael Bazzell is available on a case-by-case basis. Many past clients have hired Michael to remedy the following situations.

Immediate relocation to a safe house
Immediate threat of personal harm (Security team)
Compromised device replacement and analysis
Extreme stalking/harrassment
Complete privacy/security reboot due to malicious threats

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