The Complete Privacy & Security Desk Reference (2016)

Justin Carroll and I have collaborated to create a comprehensive reference guide that includes the details of many years of successes and failures while researching privacy methods and techniques. It is used as the training manual for our live Privacy Crash Course. This page was created as a digital guide to help readers navigate directly to the public resources mentioned in the book.

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Chapter One: Basic Computer Security

Chapter Two: Web Browser Security

Chapter Three: Preparation

Chapter Four: Self Pre-Assessment

Chapter Five: Self-Background Check

Chapter Six: Online Account Security

Chapter Seven: Social Networks

Chapter Eight: Personal Data Removal

Public Data Brokers

Non-Public Data Brokers

Data Marketers

Ancestry Records

Removal Databases:

Chapter Nine: Credit Companies

Chapter Ten: Anonymous Purchases

Chapter Eleven: Anonymous Telephones

Chapter Twelve: Smart Phone Security

Chapter Thirteen: Computer Security: Data-at-Rest

Chapter Fourteen: Computer Security: Data-in-Motion

Chapter Fifteen: Aliases

Chapter Sixteen: Disinformation

Chapter Seventeen: Future Habits

Chapter Eighteen: Government Records

Chapter Nineteen: Communications Security: Email

Chapter Twenty: Communications Security: Voice and Text

Chapter Twent-One: Secure File Deletion

Chapter Twenty-Two: Stateless Operating Systems

Chapter Twenty-Three: Web Publishing

Chapter Twenty-Four: Official Physical Address

Chapter Twenty-Five: Major Life Events

Chapter Twenty-Six: Data Leakage Response

Chapter Twenty-Seven: The Ideal Setup

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